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About glitterdolls

and its most notorious owner - Talia Tate

For many of our longstanding and loyal customers you probably remember Talia Tate from back in the day at Sinsations strip club in Mitchell. Before it became Wanderlust, Grimwade street had seen it all back when it was a seedy sin bin with old worn couches and dramatic strippers! But one thing's for sure it was the most committed team and family environment that left you feeling warm inside wstumbling home with an empty wallet and a great night itching to go back.

Definitely the most outspoken, yet charismatic and charming too, you couldn't miss that platinum blonde head in the crowd and her voice over the crowd hollering at the dj or 

who remember back in 2012, fyshwick mitchell so far away 

and before the days of uber 

a maxi taxi was nonexistent almost

and maybe it was a hassle and too much of a mission to halt the activities gather everyone wait for transport to o to an industrial area pay a overcharge and wait at a bar and wait at the door and then drama slike losing your wallet, getting kicked out, split up, drink driving, and the night fizzles out from there

not to mention no options for the ladies

so why not enjoy your day and do everything you wanted to do and have the entertainment conveniently come to you 

save you the hassle, the expense and keep the fun and flow of your event with the entertainment making the whole experience memorable and fun

strip club maybe not ur scene

so pay us an upfront fee and have our dancers actually entertain you rather than just try to get money out of you.

no strangers and at the comfort of your gathering glitterdolls seamlessly integrates with your party.

entertainment that is professional 

and punctual

but most of all we love the bonding our shows initiate.

and then we realised we could go to small towns and pop in on weekends away

even bus tours on the move

and parties which wouldn't qualify for a road trip just to go to an adult venue