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Terms & Conditions

Rules, Policies and Procedures

 By making a booking with glitterdolls you agree that you and all guests that intend to be present at the booking are aged 18 years or over, and you agree to be bound to the following terms and conditions :

1.  General Terms

​1.1. We do not provide any sexual services of any kind.
Please don’t ask entertainers for sexual services. glitterdolls is an adult entertainment booking agency that provides waiters, waitresses, strippers, and entertainers for private and corporate events. Do not ask our performers for their private phone numbers.
​1.2. In all cases we will aim to provide you with your preferred performer (should you choose one). Your performer preference is not guaranteed it is only a preference; and refunds will not be issued due to sudden unavailability of a performer; we do however guarantee entertainment on the night of your booking - as close to the requested time slot as possible.
Due to last minute changes, cancellations, illness, unforeseen circumstances etc, glitterdolls may replace /substitute an entertainer in order to accommodate all bookings on the night.
We will aim to inform you of this change as soon as possible. In case of substitution glitterdolls will not give a refund or any other compensation receiving your preferred performer is a bonus.
If glitterdolls cancels your booking you will receive a full refund within 14 days.
If the dancer can still attend at a later time than expected than in special circumstances we will also offer a complimentary gift or free upgrade at our discretion to make up for the inconvenience. 
In the outer regions such as the Eurbodalla Shire, South Coast, Snow regions the entertainers will be travelling from your closest major city, 
Travel times vary, along with roadworks, unforeseen circumstances and unexpected events and delays which can make the arrival time at each subsequent show later than expected with compounding delays, 
If the arrival time no longer suits your event but the entertainer is still able to attend than a 50% refund of the deposit can be issued or a voucher credit for the same package value in dollar amount will be issued for use within 6mths and is transferable to any person. 
If the travel time for the driver or the entertainer exceeds the hours of safe driving without fatigue over such long distances than accommodation will be provided to the contractors at the cost and discretion of glitterdolls and your group will have the option to receive entertainment the following day from morning until dusk subject to availability of the performer to remain in the region. 

1.3. If you specifically do NOT want any particular performers at your event, or you would prefer no performer rather than a substitute you must notify us when booking.
​1.4. glitterdolls only engage the service of sole traders. The performers are responsible for their own liability insurances. The contractor is totally responsible for providing their own liability insurance and professional indemnity to adequately cover any liability that the contractor may incur.
In case a contractor causes any damage or an injury occurs during the booking, it will be a legal matter between the client and the contractor. glitterdolls can not be held responsible. It is the responsibility of the client and the contractor to ensure all adequate levels of public liability insurance exist.
​1.5  glitterdolls is not liable for any loss or liability that may incur, not limited to personal injury and/or loss, for this reason glitterdolls does not require, nor holds, any insurances for contractors represented byglitterdolls [excluding public liability for when the contractors are physically present in the glitterdollsoffices].
glitterdolls  accepts no responsibility or liability for any action of a contractor during their performance.

1.6  Any illegal activities present before, during or after shows is not
tolerated and may result in the show being cancelled without notice at the clients expense.
​1.7  It’s the client responsibility that all guests of the function are informed about these terms and conditions.
​1.8  glitterdolls is entitled at its sole discretion to change,
modify, amend, add or remove any part of these conditions of use and to change, amend or delete any features of the glitterdolls entertainment at any time without notice.

1.9  The Participant pledges that no legal action will be initiated by them against LIPSTIKREATIONS PTY LTD, its clients, its agents, employees, instructors, and/or personnel, due to any accident or injury sustained during the course of undertaking an activity booked through LIPSTIKREATIONS PTY LTD.

1.10. Be aware of any uncontrollable factors [weather, traffic, other venues, etc] that can cause a delay on the requested start time. The maximum delay for waiters/waitresses is 40 minutes and for strippers 90 minutes. In case this might happen we thank you in advance for your flexibility and understanding.
2. Pricing​

2.1.  A deposit is required to confirm your booking. This transaction can be made by bank account deposit or over the phone via credit card. The deposit amount varies depending on the type of booking.  If you have paid your deposit, your booking is considered a confirmed booking.
​2.2. All prices quoted exclude GST.

2.3. In case the pick up and drop off location of your function is not the same [eg Boat
Cruise with a destination, Party bus etc] you are required to cover the costs of taxi/ferry for the waiter/waitress/stripper’s return journey. Inform us if this is the case with your function.
​2.4. Any extra time (requested longer time, boat delays, etc) for entertainers/performers
will be charged. The remainder of the balance should be settled upon arrival of the performer/s. Regardless of your delays (awaiting the arrival of guests, boat, bus or any other delay etc) as soon as they are ready to start the booking the timing starts.
​2.5. Full payments for any booking interstate, package, or 3+ girls are required to be paid at least 5 days before the event unless we give express permission otherwise. If the funds are not received within 5 days of your requested date; the booking may be cancelled and your deposit will be non refundable.
​2.6  Booking Deposits are not related to any booking in its entirety. Each Booking Deposit is a collection a Service Deposits associated with each individual service within any booking. These Service Deposits make up a total Booking Deposit, and in the event of any refund, will only be refunded as per the Service Deposit amount associated with the refund.

2.7  In the event that you (the client) cannot be contacted on the Mobile Phone Number, or the Alternative Mobile Phone Number provided at the time booking, after no more than 30 minutes of the Booking Service Commencement Time, and access to the Booking Venue has Restricted Entry in which the Performer is unable to Freely Enter the Venue, the Service in question may be Cancelled and the Service Deposit relating to that Service within the Booking will be forfeited.​
​3. Refunds
​3.1. No-show/performer arrives on the night – Client is entitled to a full refund of the
deposit paid as no service was provided. Please request your refund via email to and cc
​3.2. For Late Arrival – If a performer is more than 90minutes late, WITHOUT letting you
know via a phone call or txt, you are entitled to cancel this service and you will get a full refund of your deposit. Please request your refund via email service was provided. Please request your refund via email to and cc
​3.3. If you are unhappy with the service that the Performer has provided you must address this issue on the night By paying a waiter/waitress/stripper/entertainer in cash on the night of the event you are confirming that the correct services have been provided and that you are satisfied with the services provided. Any concerns you have after paying the performer have to be taken up with the performer on the night of the event and not with glitterdolls.
​3.4. glitterdolls is not liable for the refund of any cash payments made to the contractor
on the night of your event.
​3.5. In case of a cancellation of a packaged event [such as Boat Cruise, Poker Night, etc]
the deposit is not refundable.
​3.6 Beyond the refund of your deposit, glitterdolls will have no further liability to you.
​4. Rules for a Function
​4.1. Payment to settle the outstanding balance must occur in cash on the moment the performer arrives. If the full cash payment is not received during the function, glitterdolls will charge $50 on top of the outstanding amount. The total amount will be withdrawn from the provided credit card details.

4.2. You cannot touch a waiter/waitress/stripper/entertainer, unless you are invited to do so.

4.3. Cameras, videos, mobile phones or any other digital recording of the entertainers is NOT allowed. Unless an explicit permission from the entertainer in question is received.

4.4. If a waitress/stripper is accompanied by personal security, you are not allowed to refuse the attendance of this person. There is a possibility that we require you to provide a changing room for the stripper. Please inform us in case you want the stripper to be in costume upon arrival [eg. in case of a surprise act].

4.5. If any of these above mentioned rules are broken, the  performer has the right to leave immediately without notice, and no refund will be given.

4.6. Any misconduct, verbal or physical abuse during the event/show towards the performer is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. If the performer feels they are being mistreated they have the right to leave the event right away. No refund will be provided.

4.7 All guests must behave in a respectful manner towards the performer at all times. If the performer is harassed, degraded, insulted, pressured, intimidated, made to feel uncomfortable or assaulted, the performance will be cancelled immediately with no refund.
​5. Deposits
5.1.  Deposits for interstate shows and Packages (such as Poker Night, etc) are non refundable.

5.2.  Deposits will be refunded at 50% if the booking does not go ahead as the agency still did the work initially to put together the event and coordinate the entertainers and juggle the calendar.
If COVID interferes with your booking we  will allow unlimited amount of date changes, however no refunds will be provided as this is outside our control.
Deposits for all other entertainment booked through glitterdolls will not be refunded provided you received entertainment on the night. Once the performer arrives - you allowing them to enter the premises and begin the entertainment is your acceptance of the booking going ahead. Therefore no deposits will be refunded for adult entertainment bookings where entertainment was provided.
5.3 No refunds will be given where the performer arrives at the designated address and is turned away - that is the clients prerogative and glitterdolls will not be held responsible as we fulfilled our obligation to you of providing the suitable entertainment.
​5.4 glitterdolls is a booking agency which seeks out and passes on information /details on available work to independent contractors. In return for the service of supplying these contractors with the client information for paid work; as well as providing potential and existing clients with a simplified, central point of contact to seek out these services -glitterdolls takes a one off payment for each separate booking as a ‘finders fee’ or commission. Once the contractor accepts the job and it’s details it becomes a direct contract between the client requesting the service and the independent contractor providing the service at the time.
If the contractor confirmed to do the job fails to show on the night and a substitute is not provided. glitterdollsmay choose to provide a refund out of good will.

​5.3 Deposits can be paid by bank transfer or credit card. If your deposit is paid by bank transfer glitterdolls may still require your credit card details as additional security to confirm your booking.
​6. Cancellation
If you cancel your booking for any reason after paying your deposit, you will forfeit your deposit. 
If you feel you need to cancel we will always provide as many available options as possible to accommodate the entertainment going ahead i.e. change of time, location, show etc.
However if We need to cancel your booking you will receive a full refund of your deposit immediately.
​7. Traveling / interstate shows

7.1  Travel fee - We will do our best to accommodate any booking made, where there is not a performer available locally we will give you a costing based on the nearest location/city to you where there is an available performer/s – there is a travel fee covering petrol, car maintenance, plus hours spent getting to the venue and back.

7.2  Driver – Any show more than 2.5hrs away will have a cost calculated for a driver for the safety of the performer and avoiding fatigue on the trip home – generally late at night on unfamiliar roads.

7.3 Deposit – We require a 50 – 75% deposit on interstate shows depending on the booking and how much preparation is required beforehand.

7.4 You as 'the client' understand interstate bookings can encounter delays and if you cancel we will refund you 50% of the deposit amount at our discretion. 
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